My name is Monica

My life has turned around in the most positive way through acupuncture. I have done acupuncture before but never with these results! I came in desperate for relief from hormonal changes. I was experiencing symptoms that were affecting the quality of my life. Within the first two months of intensive treatment I felt better, I started to feel like the way I really am! The treatments always make me feel healthy, calm and grounded. The Five Element Acupuncture was new to me. Prior I had done acupuncture with herbs as well, so I am truly amazed at the results just by receiving treatment without herbs, I am virtually symptom free now, and only come for monthly maintenance. Thank you for your healing hand and energy! I am forever grateful!

North Miami Beach Office: 16666 N.E. 19 ave. suite #111 PH: 305-940-7763

South Miami Office 7550 S.W. 57 ave. suite 116 Ph: 305-669-6699