My life with sickle cell, by Antoinette

I was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia as a child. Since then I've been going to the doctors, taking medication, suffering from joint pains. As I got older the pain increased. I also started to feel more tired and began going in and out of the hospital. Every three months my hemoglobin would drop within the normal limits.

One day in March of 2004 after being in the hospital for a week one of the regular patients at the eye clinic where I work recommended me to have acupuncture, she gave the phone number of the Acupuncture Center for Wellness.

In my first consultation I was introduced to the Five Element Acupuncture. I went twice a week for my treatment which made me feel relaxed, more energetic, more alive and less pain. It was almost as if I were a new person.

After a year I couldn't be happier with the results and their care. I am now able to travel back home to the Bahamas and most of all I have peace of mind having such quality of life. I continue on the maintenance acupuncture program and have not returned to the hospital in all this years.

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