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Miami's acupuncture center

We at Acupuncture Center for Wellness have a qualified national certified staff in acupuncture with extensive experience in various Holistic Modalities. We specialize in Classical Five Element Acupuncture which treats not the symptoms but the “root cause” of ailments.

Our clinic holds other certifications, as Acupuncturist Without Borders, allowing us to treat in national disaster areas and to treat veterans for free. Our most recent certification, by Integrative Medicine Program/MD Anderson Cancer Center gives us the cutting edge in Cancer support treatments. Also, our staff volunteers their time and expertise to teach international indigenous communities safe and effective techniques to help spread holistic awareness in support of their community.

For more information or any questions, feel free to send us a message through Contact Us and we will be happy to address any concerns.

Acupuncture Physicians

acupuncture miami
acupuncture miami

Why us?

What sets us apart from other acupuncturists is that we tailor the treatments based on the constitution of the individual by their Chinese pulses and Color-Sound-Odor-Emotion (CSOE).

The art is based on the Law of the five Elements which is the representation of nature. Everyone is affected by changes in nature differently, for example: Seasonal allergies. We gently, assist the body to come into balance on its own and help in the transition from season to season in health. Our goal is for the body to heal itself. Other acupuncturists use formula treatments, meaning everyone who walks in with low back pain receives the same, or similar treatment or points.

We believe that energy is very sacred; we choose and locate our points with precision in order to accomplish balance. During treatment we are constantly reading the Chinese pulses which indicate to us what the body’s needs are, since they change after just one point. Other acupuncturists use many more points in their treatments and do not take the pulses regularly or even at all during the session.

Unlike other acupuncturists who sometimes see several patients at the same time, we work on an appointment basis giving our undivided attention to each patient.

Complementary First Visit

Since Classical Five Element Acupuncture treats the person at the level of their constitution and not just based on the symptoms we need to take the time to meet the patient and begin an evaluation, in order to determine if the patient is a candidate for acupuncture. This is done through the Chinese pulses in order to determine if the patient is a candidate for acupuncture. This session will not include an acupuncture treatment, but a one on one interview with the acupuncture physician who will answer questions, and layout the frequency of treatments needed depending on each individual case. Visit our Miami Acupuncture Center for Wellness.

acupuncture miami

What our clients say ABOUT US

When I first came here, I could hardly walk. I was in constant pain and I felt suicidal and miserable. I started getting acupuncture treatments twice a week for 2 or 3 months and today I feel great. I have no pain, I'm in good spirits and I only need to come once a month for treatment in order to keep feeling wonderful. I believe acupuncture is one of the best discoveries of all times.
Peter K.
Miami, FL
My life has turned around in the most positive way through acupuncture. I have done acupuncture before but never with these results! I came in desperate for relief from hormonal changes. I was experiencing symptoms that were affecting the quality of my life. Within the first two months of intensive treatment I felt better, I started to feel like the way I really am! The treatments always make me feel healthy, calm and grounded. The Five Element Acupuncture was new to me. Prior I had done acupuncture with herbs as well, so I am truly amazed at the results just by receiving treatment without herbs, I am virtually symptom free now, and only come for monthly maintenance. Thank you for your healing hand and energy! I am forever grateful!
Miami, FL
Three years ago I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor, derived from the thymus gland. After several medical studies, doctors told me to undergo surgery. I underwent two chemotherapy sessions in order to reduce my tumor as much as possible. July 30th 2002 I had surgery. The cancer had taken the left vocal cord which couldn't function; so I lost my voice. I went to voice therapy, but I got very little results. My doctor suggested alternative medicine and I met one of the doctors at the Acupuncture Center for Wellness. Acupuncture changed my life and now I have recuperated my voice totally. That's why I want to say thank you to all the people at the center. I recommend Traditional Chinese Medicine for all. With it you get great results and are able to see the progress you are making.
Miami, FL
Experts at dealing with chronic pain. I never thought my pain will go away almost 100% until I discover the treatments this center offer. I've tried almost everything out there and nothing worked for me. The staff is courteous and the seem to know what they are doing. Super clean and you can tell they care about the place. I recommend 100%.
North Miamil, FL
My life with sickle cell

I was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia as a child. Since then I've been going to the doctors, taking medication, suffering from joint pains. As I got older the pain increased. I also started to feel more tired and began going in and out of the hospital. Every three months my hemoglobin would drop within the normal limits.

One day in March of 2004 after being in the hospital for a week one of the regular patients at the eye clinic where I work recommended me to have acupuncture, she gave the phone number of the Acupuncture Center for Wellness.

In my first consultation I was introduced to the Five Element Acupuncture. I went twice a week for my treatment which made me feel relaxed, more energetic, more alive and less pain. It was almost as if I were a new person.

After a year I couldn't be happier with the results and their care. I am now able to travel back home to the Bahamas and most of all I have peace of mind having such quality of life. I continue on the maintenance acupuncture program and have not returned to the hospital in all this years
Miami, FL