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Electro Lymphatic Drainage

Is a technique performed by a health professional using the latest state-of the-art Electro-Sound Lymphatic instrumentation. This therapy uses a gentle, high frequency sound pulse to loosen stagnated lymph fluid and assist the body in decongesting the lymphatic system, reduces fibro cystic conditions while promoting overall wellness. This technology works through vibrations and stimulates the lymph nodes in areas under the bone structure that cannot be reached manually. It is able to achieve in one session what would take 8 to 10 manual lymphatic sessions, not only with no pain, but leaves the client feeling calm and rejuvenated.

acupuncture miami

Did you know that most ailments are linked to an impaired or weaken lymphatic system? And that you have four times more lymphatic fluid than your body has blood volume? You have approximately 800 lymph nodes scattered throughout the body.

Inside those lymph nodes, are 75% of your lymphocytes (white blood cells, which fight bacterial and viral infections). In other words your lymphatic system is your immune system.

Benefits overall immune system, detoxifies body tissues, relieves discomfort from fibrocystic breasts, supports post mastectomy health, reduces edema and lymphedema of many origins, among preventive benefits.
In reference to cancer care, lymphatic therapy is extremely important in boosting the immune system in the after care for cancer treatments, but it is also a major preventative therapy. Most people are unaware, that we all have cancer cells and that the immune system or lymphatic system is what keeps them in check. When an individual has a congested lymphatic system (which is about 95% of all Americans) the cancer cells have the perfect environment to propagate. When using the lymphatic electro-sonic instrumentation, you are assisting the body’s natural process of eliminating cancer cells.

For those whom have had their axillary nodes removed as a result of a mastectomy with Electro Sound Lymphatic Drainage therapy the practitioner is able to reroute the lymph fluid to another area.